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About Me

A petrolhead, twin dad and BBQ lover, I spent the last 12 years working my way up through a big variety of different roles, with my very first ever role being an Executive Assistant for a Car Dealership Group, back at a time where only 30% of web visits were made on mobile, I quickly saw the explosion in mobile and digital, where I pitched and led the digital transformation the business, ultimately running the entirety of their marketing. 

My stall was set out from that point onwards - Future looking and solving problems that make businesses better, I'm a huge fan of driving evolution. With experience across marketing, account management and sales ended up joining a small scale up, where I worked to help drive operational excellence & company wide growth initiatives that helped to power the business in its growth from 50 people at Series A all the way through to 600 people at Series D.

On leaving I set about building & bootstrapping Clevenue, a platform that helps executive teams and senior leadership to scenario test their revenue plans, and understand the impact and implications of their strategic decisions and key bets. I'm continuing to bootstrap Clevenue whilst working alongside businesses as a fractional Chief of Staff to help them grow, scale and become more capital efficient.


Why a CoS?

Job titles are always a challenging mix of description, politics and optics, and often they haven't particularly lined up with what I've been doing across businesses. Add into the mix building a business completely from scratch, including the prototyping of product, building of MVP onwards and of course the brand, messaging and commercial direction and it leaves you with a swiss army knife of skills and experiences. 

With the increasing need for leaner and more efficient organisations, the need people skilled enough at filling in the gaps without pulling existing leadership from critical tasks is growing - This is where a Chief of Staff comes in and these are the kind of things I'm best at.



What is Clevenue?

Clevenue is a SaaS platform aimed at revenue teams and business leaders to revenue plan and scenario test to understand the impact of the strategic decisions they make. Designed to streamline the entire planning process and bring departments across sales, revenue & finance together, it is bootstrapped by myself and my co-founder Stewithout investor (angel or VC) backing, and with active users and customers. 

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